TellDunkin Survey

The TellDunkin Survey is a satisfaction survey conducted through Dunkin’ Donuts, a famous donut and coffee shop chain. Anyone who has recently visited the Dunkin’ Donuts location may be asked to participate in the survey, whether online or via telephone.

After completing the survey, customers can give feedback on their experience at the shop and assist Dunkin’ Donuts in enhancing its offerings and services. In some instances, customers may be eligible to enter online sweepstakes or get discounts when they return for their next visit, to thank them for participating in the questionnaire.

TellDunkin Survey Step

To finish the TellDunkin survey Follow these steps:

  • Visit the survey site on
  • Enter the survey number and the date of your visit. This is on the receipt.
  • Answer any questions you have about your shopping experience. This could include questions regarding how good the foods and beverages as well as how clean the shop, the quality of service you received, as well as the value you got in exchange for your purchase.
  • Your overall satisfaction is the most important factor in your experience.
  • You can also give your contact details to participate in the sweepstakes or get discounts at your next visit.
  • Send in your completed survey.

It is essential to be truthful and complete in your responses so that Dunkin’ Donuts to understand how it can enhance its offerings and services. We appreciate you taking the time to take part on your participation in the TellDunkin survey.

What is the minimum requirement to be able to participate in taking part in TellDunkin Survey?

To take part to take part in TellDunkin’s survey TellDunkin survey, you’ll need to have the following things:

  • Recent receipts from an Dunkin’ Donuts location. The receipt should include an entry code for surveys as well as the date of your visit on it.
  • The ability to connect to a PC or any other device that has the internet.
  • A few minutes of unpaid time to take the survey.

After you have all the information then you can go to the survey site on and follow the directions to take the survey. It is essential to be sincere and thorough in your responses so that Dunkin’ Donuts to understand how it can enhance its products and services. We thank for participating on your participation in the TellDunkin survey.

TellDunkin Survey Rules

The rules of the TellDunkin sweepstakes sweepstakes for the survey:

  1. A purchase or payment is not required to participate or take home a prize.
  2. The sweepstakes is only open those who are legal resident of United States who are 18 years old or older at the time of entry.
  3. Employees of Dunkin’Donuts and relatives of their immediate members aren’t eligible to take part in the sweepstakes.
  4. Per person, one entry per month is permitted.
  5. The sweepstakes time period is one entry period every month, with specific dates listed on the survey site.
  6. Each period of entry is a check for $1,000.
  7. They will then be chosen through a random drawing of the entries that are eligible during the time period of entry.
  8. They will then be announced either by either email or telephone with the contact details that was provided when you made your submission.
  9. The winners must to provide an affidavit confirming their eligibility and a the release of liability and publicity within 14 days of being notified.
  10. It is subject any federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Be aware that these rules could be subject to changing. It is imperative to verify the official rules available on the survey’s website to get the most current information. We thank you for taking part to TellDunkin. TellDunkin survey.

Rewards for TellDunkin Survey

After completing this TellDunkin survey, participants are able to participate in the sweepstakes to have an opportunity to be the winner of a $1,000 cash prize. In certain cases, participants could also get discounts or other special offers when they return for their next visit as a token of appreciation for taking part to the questionnaire. The rewards offered for the survey could vary and may changing.

It is vital to keep in mind that sweepstakes prizes and other prizes are not required and not required to take part in the survey. The purpose of the survey is collecting feedback from customers so that they can aid Dunkin’ Donuts in improving the quality of its services and products. We thank you for taking the time to take part on your participation in the TellDunkin survey.

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